Letter to Steve Clark


Dear Editor,

To Steve Clark: I am not at all happy with the decision to cancel the mandate that restaurants ensure that patrons are vaccinated before welcoming them into the establishment. This decision, along with permitting restaurants to seat full capacity, means that the odds that the person at the next table is a carrier of Covid19 or a variant have completely turned around. I will now avoid eating in restaurants until a much higher percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, I.e., 2 shots plus at least one booster. I have read that some 80% of Ontarians only have had one shot. Your actions imply that the pandemic is over. It is not. I think your government has caved in to a bunch of thoughtless, selfish people who seem to believe every conspiracy they read on social media.

Now tonight I saw on the news that you are cancelling the requirement to wear a mask in stores and other public places. It is known that this is an airborne virus, so why are you doing this?

The number of cases are going to rise because of the lifting of the proof of vaccine requirement.  Removing the mask requirement before at least an 85% to 90% vaccination rate is foolhardy. Your 10% anti-vaxxers are unlikely to vote compared to the majority who have willingly complied with the mandates designed to protect us. At least maintain the mask requirement until the numbers are lower and remain lower for a reasonable length if time.

Shirley Price


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