Letter to the Editor – KPS Apartments


Dear Editor,

I was disappointed in the latest article penned on the KPS site which made residents who are not happy appear to be selfish whiners resistant to change. Not true. We are all well aware of and not unsympathetic to the housing crisis and we are aware of the provincial government’s pressure to build. We are supportive of a housing unit going on that site. And although the council has done positive things, this is not an ‘A’ in research for them.

What we are asking is that a traffic study during high traffic flow be done and that the current 3-story height restriction remain in place. The council does not seem to have a town plan in place and supports any contractor, any structure, any location. In fact they have no concerns about quality or aesthetics.

This should not be considered a Reuben Cresc area concern as this will set a precedence for all of Kemptville. Do we want to lose the small town qualities that are so beckoning retirees and families looking for exactly what we have?

Ruth Hawkins



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