Letter to the Editor – re: Council

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

When I was a child I got caught stealing some bubble gum from the corner store. The store owner said “you stole that gum”. I knew he was right and that this was not defamation. When he asked me to apologize and either pay for or return it, I knew this was not an insult. The point is, I was being asked to be accountable. I’m not sure what that very vague letter sent by North Grenville Municipal Council was trying to say last week, as there were no specifics. But I do know that I have an immense appreciation for North Grenville Times – for publishing well researched and documented stories on North Grenville and the activities of Council. As a resident of North Grenville, I have a lot of hope because of this, much more than I had a few years ago when I attended several council meetings. Keep up the good work NGT!

Jill Wylie


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