Letter to the Editor – re: Council


Dear Editor,

I found, and maybe I altered and added a few words here and there, a pretty close definition of “Politics” and what Politicians do:

Politics is the SOCIAL CONTROL methodology which is constantly modified so as to acquire complete dominion over the minds, thoughts and actions of all humans. This is done by STRATEGICALLY dividing the populace into opposing each other through various political parties; having them argue, fight and squander their efforts over many USELESS topics; having the people “think” they are in control and have an actual say ( but they DON’T); making people do what they do not want to do; enacting laws to force them to do it; creating agencies to harass the people into compliance; making them finance it; making them pay your salary and expenses to a point of them being emotionally/mentally exhausted so there is NO will/or desire to oppose resulting in a state of “nothing can be done so there is no use in trying”, yet all the while making them THINK it is for their own good.

Pretty accurate I think. Threats and such are NEVER ok, and that is a two way avenue. To point out the faults, failures, ineptitudes… of our elected Officials is not wrong but how it is done may present problems.

Politicians or any Government employee is a SERVANT of the people! There is NO other way to look at it, yet many seem to think they are our “overlords”. I/we never elected these people to “lord over” us in ANY capacity, they are supposed to do/ensure the functions of a community are working well ( road maintenance, clean water, security…). Many people, including yours truly, just want to make a go of life as best as possible ( farming, trucking, masonry…) so we made a pact that “some of our money” will go to hiring people-Government and other employees of ours–to do things we chose not to have to worry about or do (road maintenance, clean water…).

So no more taxes and wasteful spending (no more money given to any foundations in the Caribbean, no more money given to Countries so they will “like us”…). Enough BULLYING thru taxation. Lets work together.

Joe Mallet


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