Letter to the Editor – re: Council


Dear Editor,

I read and reread the letter to the editor that was published in the North Grenville Times, February 28, 2018 which was submitted as one voice by the North Grenville Council with the exception of Councilor Bertram. I wish him the best in his medical care. If it was April 1 I would have laughed and realized it was a joke.

I don’t understand. Talk about self-destructing. Firstly, was this meeting held in camera? Who was the recording secretary? What topic was used to call an in-camera meeting? Was there a recorded vote? Was councilor Bertram present or invited? Was this meeting recorded in the minutes as an official function of Council? Was the clerk present? Failing to follow any of the above I would consider this to be illegal and a discredit to the integrity of our elected officials and they should be barred and disqualified immediately from seeking re-election.

Ralph Raina


  1. A strong Press is based on clear accurate reporting of facts. I see too few facts .. and many political ascertions instead. Ex-politicians from previously amalgamated Towns are … well… sometimes still active in stirring the Pot. Is Ralph Raina actually actively supporting an alternate Council contender in this year’s municipal election? If yes – then he should be transparent on this matter.


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