Letter to the Editor – election day


To the Editor,

I cannot wait for election day. I have yet to see any Government Official, seriously reduce taxes, stop useless spending/funding or other wasteful measures-in a meaningful way – STOP sending millions, billions…outside of Canada to ANY organization/Country, take a serious pay cut and pay FREEZE, pay taxes on their FULL pay (33% or so of their salary is tax-free – this keeps changing so it might be more), but NOT do what one city council did, which was they INCREASED their pay by about 33% to offset their losing the “33% tax-free status”, stop the 6 year service which allows one to then receive a pension at 55 [Parlamentarians]…).

Many Senior citizens, farmers…who have paid taxes ALL their lives and helped enrich Canada/Ontario…are being TAXED OUT OF their homes/farms, so despicable! Yet the billions and billions and billions we send out of Canada could HELP those LAW-ABIDING, TAX-PAYING Citizens!!! That is simple right!

A little tax increase here, one there, another over there, all these “little tax increases”, income tax, property tax, gas tax, may not appear individually as much, but when the total is added, WOW it’s completely insane, and this is without factoring in the increased costs of basics (food, clothes… and their relative taxation).

The end-game of all these “little” tax increases is being felt nation-wide (and will get worse), yet NO Politician has put the brakes on this runaway train, even though, we the EMPLOYER of them, have said STOP, NO MORE!

Kick to the curb/oust ANY Government Official who does not truly and through effective ACTION halt this worsening disaster.

When Elections arrive, let’s hold our EMPLOYEES responsible and DEMAND they do as we say and oust those that are ACTIONLESS. Let our EMPLOYEES know we want positive, productive, lasting change.

J Mallet


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