Letter to the Editor – on Doug Ford


Dear Editor,

Great to see Doug Ford as the new PC leader, I know who I am voting for and it AIN’T “windbag Wynne”. His brother Rob is so missed as a councillor/Mayor. Rob was not one of those “career swamp creature puppet Politicians”. Yes he had his issues and they were made known. (I think his extra-curricular activities were made known because the “establishment” tried to use it, at first, as blackmail to control him but he didn’t care so they released it) yet his popularity was strengthened by that.

One might ask why? Well, as rumour has it (and there are many many more such “get it done because I serve the people” type actions), a street in Toronto had many potholes which were dangerous. The citizens called and called and… and this went on for 8 or so months and nothing! One citizen was told “call the Fords directly” so the Fords were called, guess what? The NEXT day crews were FILLING IN and fixing ALL the potholes! Job done!

I think we need that type of dedication to the people, not “we’re are listening, thank you for telling me that, we are looking into it, a paper is being written about it…).

Time to start putting Officials in that DO the actions for the people!

Joe Mallet


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