Let’s Connect… Proper footcare is vital


by Susan Smith, Executive Director, Kemptville & District Home Support (KDHSI)

Marjorie Chajkowski and footcare nurse April Moore

With the summer weather I start thinking of walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach. This is something that I truly enjoy, but I’m wearing shoes more often now. I find that I’m more protective of my feet over the past few years. If my feet are uncomfortable it resonates throughout my body. A really comfortable pair of shoes is such a treat to the sole and the “soul”. I am aiming to be on my feet well in to my 100’s!

Our feet have taken a lot from us over the years, from being kept in shoes and socks getting hot and sticky, to shoes that don’t fit properly whether too loose or too tight (or even too high of a heel…) and not taking care of the condition of our feet. The result of this can be ingrown toenails; corns and calluses on our toes and feet; bunions; long toenails which can also start turning under; and, foot ulcers. According to ‘Health in Aging’, “One in three people over the age of 65 has foot pain, stiffness, or aching feet. Older people are more likely to have foot pain if they also have a chronic disease.”(April 2017)

Often due to lack of flexibility, arthritis, declining eyesight and other limiting conditions, a person may not be able to care for their own feet. Here at Kemptville & District Home Support we have weekly Footcare Clinics with April Moore. April is a phenomenal nurse, specializing in Footcare. She is very caring and highly skilled.

For the Footcare Clinics there is a private room, which is equipped with a comfortable podiatry chair. Each appointment is approximately 30 minutes. Volunteers look after the reception area of the clinic, receiving the money and booking follow-up appointments. Appointments can also be made by calling into the KDHSI office at 613-258-3203, or in person at 215 Sanders St. Suite 101.

It is so important to take proper care of our feet, especially for anyone that is diabetic. Diabetes Canada, on their website, states that, “In Ontario, there is one amputation every four hours as a result of a diabetic foot ulcer…Each year, close to 2,000 Ontarians with diabetes have a lower-limb amputation, and those amputations are associated with 800 premature deaths.” This is SIGNIFICANT! Please consider booking an appointment to get your feet assessed.

Leonardo da Vinci noted, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” We need to respect our ‘works of art’ by ensuring that our feet are properly assessed and maintained. Let’s keep as healthy as we can!

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