Let’s Connect…


by Susan Smith,
Executive Director,
Kemptville & District Home Support

Be open… to the gifts each day brings. I was reading an article recently, and one of the sections was about the special gifts nature gives to us each and every day. These can be very simple and fleeting moments, we just have to be aware of them. I was driving home late on Thursday night and was struck by the sudden beauty of the sunset. What a gift to have that intense colour in the sky – ending just as I arrived home. It can also be the soft sound of the breeze going through the leaves. Or, just this past weekend, the loud sound of the chipmunks in the walnut trees, followed by the loud thumps of the nuts falling on the ground – that was definitely a laughing out loud moment for Lorne and I!

The best gifts that each of us has are the people in our lives. At Kemptville & District Home Support, there are so many amazing people that are involved in making this such a great organization. We wouldn’t be able to continue to provide the services and activities if it weren’t for each and every one of you. It takes ideas and interest; people passing on information to others; people volunteering to help out (there is always a need for volunteers here as we continue to grow); and, those that donate and help raise funds.

Val Morris, a KDHSI volunteer, came up with the idea for a bus trip to Montebello; and then took on the organization of it. It quickly sold out and a wait list has started. This definitely shows us that there is an interest in more bus trips. There are various other possibilities being looked at. If you have any ideas for a day trip, please let us know, that is how we keep growing!

Paint & T’ookies is another fun activity starting at KDHSI. This is a monthly art afternoon with Gayle Holmes, with T’ookies (tea or coffee and cookies). Gayle leads the group through the process and everyone goes home with a painting at the end of the day. Gayle is volunteering her time, and any proceeds after costs will go back into supporting the services at Kemptville & District Home Support. The cost of each session is only $20, including supplies and T’ookies, and will be held on the third Tuesday of each month. The September painting was of ‘sunflowers’, and the October ‘fall colours’ painting is sure to be just as popular. There is limited space and the sign-up for the October 16 session has started. If you are interested, please call to get your name on the list.

Cribbage is a new activity that started in the Summer on Thursday afternoons starting at 1pm. If anyone is interested, please come ahead. This includes anyone who hasn’t played before. Everyone is willing to help teach new players. It is not competitive playing – but a wonderful opportunity to get together and keep the brain engaged.

For a full calendar of events, please stop by the Centre, or visit the website at www.kdhsi.com and click on the calendar tab.

Remember to be open to daily gifts. It is all of these experiences that make our lives truly amazing.

Until next time,


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