Legion feeds the multitude


The Merrickville Legion was a very busy place last week when the South Wind Brigade came to town. Mayor David Nash and Historical Society President Ann Martin had worked with the Legion to put on a supper for the expected 120 paddlers due to arrive in Merrickville on Wednesday afternoon. In fact, there were about 140 in total and the Legion Hall was bursting at the seams, as each one who lined up found food ready and waiting for them. It was a fantastic achievement and gesture by the Legion and the Village for the tired and hungry Brigade. The supper was followed by short talks by Dr. David Shanahan and Don Bilodeau. David spoke about the story of those who travelled the Rideau in the past, the Algonquin and Mohawk and Mississauga peoples, as well as the Irish and French Canadian labourers who died building the Canal. Don, an Algonquin from Pikwakanagan First Nation spoke of the need to look to the next 150 years in reconciliation and healing among all the peoples of this country. In all, it was a moving and memorable night of fellowship, sharing, history and fun. Many thanks to the Legion and the Village of Merrickville-Wolford for such a warm and meaningful welcome for the South Wind Brigade.


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