Leeds & Grenville Interval House to receive Women’s donations


The 1st quarterly meeting for the 100 Women Who Care North Grenville was held on February 18, 2021. There were 25 women gathered online on a virtual Zoom call. It is the third online meeting held since Covid began. We are so pleased with the number of ladies that attend each meeting. The feeling of comradery and accomplishment is amazing.

The three nominated charities that presented were the Leeds and Grenville Interval House, the Country Cat Sanctuary, and the KDH WAY Program (Wellness Access for Youth). The membership loves to hear how each charity operates, and appreciates the time they take to participate in our quarterly meetings.

Once representatives from each charity provided information about their initiatives, the members made an informed vote. The group chose Leeds and Grenville Interval House as the latest funding recipient. The membership is very compassionate about organizations that support women in need.

Ron Andersen of the Kemptville Legion Branch 212, also gave a report on how our donated funds were used from last quarter. The funds were utilized to support veterans in our community. The virtual call was overflowing with love, knowing that the 100 Women Who Care North Grenville is making an impact in our community.

As of the last meeting, the 100 Women Who Care North Grenville was hovering around 115 ladies strong. With contributions from new and existing members, a total of $3,250 was raised in our last quarter. The two runners up charities each received $250.

Door prizes were graciously donated by the Municipality of North Grenville and Abbott Road Suites. The winner of the $50 NG Green was Sandy Guest (she donated it to the KDH WAY program), and the winner of the 1-night stay at Abbott Road Suites was Monique Warrack (she donated it back to raffle it again at our next meeting). Wow, such generous sponsors and winners. Thank you everyone for your support.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page and website at www.100womenwhocareng.com for pictures from our last meeting.

The next meeting of the 100 Women Who Care NG is scheduled for Thursday, May 27, 2021. It will be held as an online Zoom call. Register ahead of time on our website. Guests are welcome to see what we are all about. The warmth of the membership is contagious, and we are sure you will want to join in this amazing movement happening here in North Grenville.

Investing in the community, now and for the future, is what 100 Women Who Care NG is all about. To find out more about 100 Women Who Care NG, see their impact on our community, or to become a member, visit their website at www.100womenwhocareng.com.


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