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Ray Clément and Paul Cormier, the principal shareholders of the Integrated Business Solutions Group (IBSG), Inc. are happy to announce the launch of their operations beginning on April 24, 2017. IBSG operates at the municipal, provincial, national and international levels in both official languages to provide integrated and specialized services for individual and organizational clients. IBSG’s French language translation is Groupe de solutions d’affaires intégrées (GSAI).

IBSG is made up of independent businesses that are currently working on such projects as:

Change management, such as Transition Management for farm families (RANA Development, Inc.).
Pardons, clemencies and immigration requests (Clément-Laurie and Associates, Inc.).
Environmental and agricultural development projects and studies (Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Inc.).
International trade with projects in Africa, (Yiralo, Inc.).
Communications, Social Media and Productions (Beyond the Realm).
Financial Management. (Andrew Beveridge, CPA, CA).

RANA Development has been working in North Grenville for the past seven years and its principal, Paul Cormier, has served as Chairman of the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area and is now its Secretary. RANA is pleased to be associated with Andrew Beveridge, CPA, CA and Beyond the Realm, both local to North Grenville as part of the new IBSG family.

IBSG activities include facilitation, training and development, executive coaching, project management and extensive research and development. Each of the IBSG facilitators and coaches provides the most advanced expertise available in their respective field. Currently, IBSG is working with its partners in bringing Vertical Agriculture projects to North Grenville as a way of contributing to the municipality’s search for “green and growing” businesses. In fact, IBSG has set as one of its corporate goals to encourage prospective clients to consider North Grenville as an ideal site for locating businesses that contribute to sustainable development and economic development. North Grenville’s access to Ottawa and to the US border makes it a potential hub for “Knowledge-Based” businesses that raise the bar on quality of life in communities. IBSG is pleased to launch its business from North Grenville, which it hopes will become a business Mecca for the National Capital Region.


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