The latest technology in pain management – it will SHOCK you!


by Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre

Many things can cause pain, but one of the most difficult things to treat is chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that persists once the initial injury has healed. Think of an amputee with phantom pain. Even though the limb has been removed, the person can still feel pain in the limb. The body works in mysterious ways!

One of the major causes of persistent pain is myofascial trigger points, or “knots” in muscles. Muscle knots cause spasm, reduce blood flow and squeeze nerve endings, all resulting in pain. Trigger points can be treated with things like massage, exercise, acupuncture/dry needling or manual therapies, but the pain often returns.
It’s time for something new, and it’s called Radial Shockwave.

Radial shockwave (RSW) was developed after the introduction of laser shockwave. You may have heard of people receiving shockwave treatment to get rid of kidney stones. Laser shockwave is a beam of shockwave energy that penetrates the body to break up the stones, much like a jackhammer breaks up concrete. Laser shockwave was also used to help break up thickened tendons and ligaments to treat chronic conditions like tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis (heel pain). The problem with laser shockwave is the expense and the pain. Although very effective, treatments were very expensive and very painful. Until now.
Radial shockwave machines are a new and improved way to treat muscle knots, trigger points, and chronic myofascial pain. RSW is more like a flashlight beam rather than a laser beam, and does not cause any pain during treatment. RSW works by transferring impulses into the body. An air compressor forces compressed air through a tube, which then vibrates a small projectile (like a bullet), back and forth inside a small, hand-held applicator. These vibrations can reach up to 7cm into the body, and they help to promote healing by breaking up trigger points and knots, and creating new circulation.

Radial shockwave treatments are pain-free. That’s a big plus for a lot of people! In fact, most people feel better after their first treatment because there is such a big relaxation of the muscles that have been treated.

Radial shockwave is now available at Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre, is part of an individualized physiotherapy treatment, and covered by most insurance plans. Are you in pain? Give Shockwave a try! 613-258-7661.


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