Kudos to a local businessman


by Judy Littau

With the tough times we have been experiencing the past 8 months, it is nice to be able to share this feel good story with you.

Robert Noseworthy

Robert Noseworthy, owner of Westerra Homes, a local home builder, was cleaning out the garage at his model home and came upon a large photo frame collaged with pictures of a family’s vacation to Disney World, which obviously was created with love and great memories. Robert had no idea who the people in the pictures were and figured that it was accidently mixed in with his staging materials during a move.

He contacted the company that moved his staging furniture from model home to model home, and they did not know who the family was. Rather than throw the picture in the trash, Robert knew that if it were pictures of his family, he would want the picture back. Thus, Robert made a trip to his local realtor, Royal LePage Team Realty, figuring they “knew everyone” in town, to see if they could identify who the family was. With the help of social media, the owner was found living 11⁄2 hours from Kemptville.

She explained that, four years ago, when she moved from the Kemptville area, she was missing three pictures. One was of a family vacation, a picture a family member painted, and one that meant the world to her, a Bateman print that her parents gave her 20 years ago for her birthday. I contacted Robert to tell him that the person was also missing a Bateman print, so he went back to his garage, searched the boxes and found the long lost print. He had assumed that the print was something that his stager had purchased for his model home decorating.

To say this woman was thrilled to have her pictures back is an understatement. In her thank you note to Robert, she says “it’s amazing you found it”.

Few people would have had the heart and kindness of Robert Noseworthy to take the time to try to find the owner of a picture that had found its way into his staging supplies – most would probably have just tossed it in the trash. We need more “Roberts” in the world.


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