Kids Say It Best


At Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH), we are celebrating National Nursing Week. This year’s theme is “Nurses: A Voice to Lead”.

We thought it might be nice to hear from some of the youngest voices in our community. So, we went out and asked children from Winchester Public School and Happy Face Nursery School to tell us about nurses and why they are so special – through words and pictures. The result is priceless and their work is displayed in the WDMH atrium (2nd floor above the lobby) for everyone to enjoy.

  • Jacob explains that ‘Nurses fix people.’
  • Chloe notes that ‘Nurses helped my papa’.
  • Three-year-old Vanessa says: “When people are sick, they go to see the nurses and they make you feel better.”
  • And three-year-old Kashton sums it up: “They put the necklace in their ears and then they put the heartbeat in the belly button!”

“Thank you to the students at Winchester Public School and Happy Face Nursery School for being part of our Nursing Week,” says Cholly Boland, CEO. “We are fortunate to have dedicated, compassionate Nurses at WDMH.”



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