Submitted by Michelle Nel

Residents of Kemptville Retirement Living (KVRL) have been knitting and crocheting teeny hearts called Pocket Hugs, stored in their own painted tiny crates. The Pocket Hugs are being dubbed “a free hug for those who need one”. The crates will be placed around the community to share free hugs.

Engaging with Purpose has truly inspired the residents with this project. They are excited to spread kindness and love in the community. It has been incredible, ladies who have not knitted or crocheted in years suddenly are coming each day to drop off tiny hearts as well collect more yarn. Others have participated by attaching the tags, painting the crates, and some by rolling endless tiny balls of yarn from the large ones so all the ladies can share the colours. Even though we meet once a week to now do hand work, I smile seeing ladies now knitting waiting for Bingo, and in the lounge, and others coming to ask to paint the crates in their spare time. We have a few who are unable to do the tiny work but have enjoyed just bringing along their own projects to work on.

The first crate was at the Kemptville Art Guild Show this weekend, with more to come.


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