Young Actors look up to their mentors. seated - Marcel Ethier, Amanda Leang, Jacob Pretty, standing - Terry Watkiss, Roly Roy, Sandra Tobin, Anthony Mahoney, Ellen Fawcett, Steve Wendt

by Mary-Anne Leang

What do you get when you mix teenagers, seasoned actors, first time actors, a Pope, a Rabbi and a Cardinal? You get a lot of laughs and learning!

The cast and crew of the Kemptville Players are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming play, The Day They Kidnapped the Pope. This comedy takes place in New York City in the 70s, where a New York City cab driver kidnaps a Pope and takes him to his home where he holds him for ransom.

Mixing some younger actors with some seasoned actors is a great way for Kemptville Players Inc (KPI) to open up and grow its membership and for the younger ones to be mentored by the experience and knowledge of the seasoned actors.

This play is directed by Darrell Nunn, who moved to Kemptville a few years ago and is a retired drama teacher. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to KPI. That is one of the reasons that 13 year old Amanda Leang, who plays the daughter of the cab driver, wanted to be part of this production. To be able to learn acting skills locally from all that experience is an amazing opportunity. She enjoys being the youngest cast member, and said she has learned lots from her mentors and appreciates their tips and advice on memorizing lines, amongst so many other things.

Seasoned actress and long time KPI member, Sandra Tobin, plays the wife of the cab driver and the mother of the teenage characters, and says she really enjoyed working with the young actors. She said it is nice that they are learning so much in taking on this tremendous responsibility, from character development to stage presence and placement, and everything else. She adds that it is brilliant to see their pure enthusiasm and great attitude, and enjoys working together with them as a team to make this the best play it can be.

17 year old Jacob Pretty, from Iroquois, who plays Irving, the son of the cab driver, says he is enjoying the various aged cast and enjoys their interesting stories. He says he really enjoys working with his stage father and seeing his character develop. First time actor, Anthony Mahoney, plays the cab driver and says that, since the beginning of rehearsals, he has seen Jacob come more and more out of his shell and really take on his role as Irving. As his stage father, he is really proud of his stage son. He adds that, by playing a crazy, eccentric character, it has given him the opportunity to release part of his crazy eccentricities.

Darrell Nunn adds that he loves that a comedy from the seventies can have punchy relevance in the age of Trump.

Come on out to the Municipal Centre, May 2-4 at 7.30 pm, and Sunday May 5 at 2pm, and let this awesome cast entertain you! Tickets are only $15 and are available at the Kemptville Players website:, or in person at B & H Grocer, Business Strategies and at the Municipal Centre.


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