Kemptville Live Music Festival postponed to 2022


Kemptville Live Music Festival has been postponed once again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 6th annual festival, which draws thousands of people to North Grenville every year, was set for July 22-25, 2021; however, the Kemptville Live team decided a few weeks ago that it would not be wise to hold the event while the community is still battling COVID-19. In an email to ticket holders last week, it was confirmed that the festival is now set for July 21-24, 2022 and that all major acts, including Bachman-Cummings, Glass Tiger, Honeymoon Suite and Andy Kim, have committed to next year’s dates. 

Kemptville Live organizer Karen Bedard says it has been important to them to make sure Kemptville Live continues after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. In an effort to keep the festival top of mind, they have been releasing weekly concerts featuring local artists on their YouTube Channel which were all recorded at the Kemptville Campus’ library in Purvis Hall. Although Live at the Library ended on Sunday, Karen says they have already applied for funding through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries to film another series to be released in the fall. “It’s important because I think the event means a lot to Kemptville, and for us to just walk away for two years and not do anything and not keep the name out there is just going to do a disservice in the end,” Karen says. 

The fourteen Live at the Library shows are still available on Kemptville Live’s YouTube channel. Karen says with over three hundred live spectators and thousands of views post-show, they consider the series to be a success. Checking out the concerts is also a great way to learn more about local talent and check out a few of the bands who will be at the 2022 festival. Karen says the artists involved with Live at the Library were very appreciative of the opportunity to perform as many haven’t set foot on a stage in over a year. “I think they were hoping this summer might be a go for some of them, but they’re recognizing it’s not, so they really like the opportunity to do this, for sure.” 

The team at Kemptville Live are keeping their spirits high and hopes up for a great festival in 2022. Karen says she is most looking forward to getting their roughly three hundred and sixty dedicated volunteers back together again. When she reached out to them in January to see if they would be willing to volunteer this year if they were able to hold a festival, 90% of them said absolutely. “I know they miss it so much,” she says. “As much as it’s about the patrons, it’s also about the volunteers that make it happen.” 

Karen also adds it will be great to see the whole atmosphere of the festival come alive again at the Kemptville Campus. She knows there are a lot of enthusiastic patrons who really miss Kemptville Live and will be first in line when they are able to invite live music back to the community. “It’ll be nice to have everybody back together again.” 

Tickets for the 2020 festival will remain valid into 2022 and will not be subject to a surcharge should the ticket prices increase. Refunds are also available by contacting Karen at


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