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The owners of pet cats in Kemptville have become very concerned about their animals following the discovery of a number of cats that had been slaughtered and left in gardens and roadsides. This is not the first time this kind of outrage has been reported in Kemptville, although it is more often something associated with Halloween.

A large percentage of pet cats seem to be going missing in Kemptville, if you look at B&H’s info board and also other places around town; it is unknown how many of these cats have been found, returned, or returned on their own. Cats do roam, and there are many ways a cat could go missing here. In the community, people are noticing that the cats seem to be missing from areas close to the downtown or off Clothier St. We live in a community that has a number of species that will attack cats, such as coyotes; the green spaces we have allow for non domesticated animals to travel.

Finds of cats killed in ritualistic ways need to be reported to the OPP, but it is not something that they can handle under normal circumstances. After all, it is not always possible to know whether the animals were killed by humans, or by other animals. However, the state these cats were in when they were found tends to support the idea that they were killed by people and dismembered. Sometimes cats will go off on their own, also, especially when they are ill. However, two separate incidences that have been reported are unusual in that each cat was found dismembered in a way that is uncommon for an animal attack.

One Kemptville resident who discovered one of these cats in her garden is very confident that this was not done by another predator animal, but by a person. She has contacted vets, the humane society and the OPP who sent an officer to look at the remains. In canvassing other neighbours, she learned of two other dead cats matching this description.

If community members discover the remains of a cat or other animal and are suspicious that it is not an animal attack, the OPP can conduct further investigations. The Humane Society for Animal Cruelty no longer does investigations. Alternatively, contact us at the NG Times, and we can pass on the reports to the OPP. In the meantime, if you have a cat that goes outside at night, consider keeping it inside.

Whether the killers are human or animal, this is a growing concern and needs to be guarded against. Further finds of dead cats, unless obviously either through accidents or natural causes, can be reported to the OPP, so that they can establish a pattern; as well as to the Times, and we will pass on the reports to the OPP.

The cat pictured here is Libby, a 17-year old outdoor cat. She hasn’t been seen since 8:30 pm on Monday the 1st. She’s very friendly with people, even strangers. She’s all grey, including the pads of her paws, and much of her fur has been bleached orange by being outside. If you see Libby, please contact the Times at 613-215-0735 and we’ll get word to her owners.

Be careful of your pet.


  1. Wondering if any of the found near Clothier and Pinehill were a small female calico…missing since July. She did go outside but never far from the yard and while other animals terrified her (and she had a safe place to hide in our yard) she would have happily went to a person :(…the not knowing is very hard

  2. If I ever see someone abusing a cat watch out. There would be no stopping me! Whoever is doing this better be very afraid that they may meet the wrong owner and up in sad shape.

  3. The OPP investigated this and determined it was not criminal. Coyotes are relentless killers always on the hunt for prey. They are even in the city of Ottawa in the green belt areas and often travel through golf courses and other green spaces and residential areas at night looking for food. Consider a pack of coyotes two, three or more fighting over their caught prey. It would not be unusual for them to dismember a cat they were fighting over. As morbid as this appears, some people need to wake up and take a reality pill. If you allow your cats outdoors don’t let them wander away unsupervised. Would you allow you children to wander out into the woods at night? Why allow a pet that privilege? Coyotes can also easily kill pet dogs even large dogs. Consider that a pack of determined coyotes can take down and kill a male buck deer they can certainly kill other larger animals under the right conditions.

  4. I too lost a black and white with orange female. She was 14 not out often but went missing about a month ago. She has a very unique face like a calico with white and black. She has little white paws body mostly black. I am heard broken. Wondering where I can find what type of cat was found.


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