Kemptville 73s
Photo: unfortunately time ran out....Gavin Wood with Charlie Kiefer waiting to steal the rubber and launch their attack on Ottawa Junior Senators for tie to force overtime

by the sportsguy

Two road games were not kind to the 73’s, as they suffered back to back losses in both outings against the Ottawa Junior Senators on Monday evening, and Tuesday in Rockland, facing the Nationals. Senators opened the first with David Toppa, assisted by Boulrice and Battochio, rifled one past Jarrett Fiske at 2:07. Kemptville answered back while on PP, when Patterson found John Beaton PPG in the slot to slam it by Joshua Ward at 19:57 to even it up. Ottawa counted 14 SOG to Kemptville’s 9.

In the second session, Luke Jefferies with a solo effort to give Kemptville the go ahead at 13:27. Darcy Walsh responded with helpers from Pion and Cole at 17:22 to give Ottawa a tie to close out the second. Ottawa continued to out-shoot Kemptville by 14 to 5. Last twenty, with Junior Senators man advantage, David Toppa PPG for his second, assists from Walsh and Boulrice at 1:13 to break the tie. Domitrovic wheeled it back to Wood, and Madoka Suzuki drove it into the mesh at 8:46 to put Kemptville even again. Rowe with Boulrice caught Kyle Jackson open at 11:09 to break tie for Ottawa to move ahead and defeat their opponents by 4-3. Again, Ottawa posted 13 SOG to Kemptville’s 6.

Kemptville had 5 PP opportunities and could only capitalize on one, with Ottawa recording 3 attempts with one result.

Tuesday night contest to meet the Rockland Nationals, 73’s were hoping for another close battle, but fell to a 5-2 defeat. Rockland owned the first period, when Simon Labelle, assisted by Shields and Craft, directed the rubber by Thomson Phinney at 5:02. Graham combined with Labelle to Cameron Last at 11:28 to end twenty with two zip for Nationals. Rockland with 15 SOG to Kemptville’s 8.

Rockland with PP, as Pruneau and Labelle set up Aldan Graham for goal at 11:06.

Kemptville broke Joseph Giacobba’s SOP attempt at 11:40, when Bond sprung Jefferies free so teammate John Beaton could hammer it through the posts. Rockland with PP at 14:43 allowed Cole Craft PPG, assisted by Last and Cameron, to chase Thomson Phinney to the showers. Nationals on man advantage had feisty Meyers on their back to cough up the puck ahead to Nicholas Domitrovic rocketing through the neutral zone for SHG at 19:50. Nationals on top of 73’s 15 SOG to 6.

Final twenty, Rockland Craft with Last so Simon Labelle could launch one by Jarrett Fiske at 3:04 to wrap up the battle with a 5-2 win. Kemptville having a more respectable period, only out-gunned by 3 SOG 11-8. Kemptville had 3 PP without results and Rockland had 4 with two results.

Hockey with EDGE, excellent, economical, exciting entertainment… your 73’s. See you at the game, and please feel free to express some of your thoughts about your concerns and experiences after attending games.


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