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Who is on PP.....Kemptville 73's Garrett Meyer waits for teammate Nicholas Domitrovic to record a SHG to open second session against the Smiths Falls Bears on Thursday matinee

by the sportsguy

Sunday matinee to face the Hawksbury Hawks for Minor Hockey Day, sponsored by Canadian Tire Corp. Kemptville was another close contest as the 73’s suffered 5-3 loss. Frank Hoffman, with his daughter Jessica, were on hand for the official puck drop to initiate the proceedings, as the Kemptville Atom “B” Panthers looked on from the 73’s players’ bench as honoured guests after winning the Silver Stick Tournament in Niagara Falls 11-2 over their final opponents.

Kemptville struck first with a combination from Dennison back to Kiefer in the slot and Madoka Suzuki rifled it high shelf over Nick Stofcheck at 9:07. Hawkesbury had 16 SOG to Kemptville’s 13.

Hawksbury bounced back at 1:04, when Kemptville was on the slab as Luke Grainger, assisted by Fournier and Marleau, slammed in a rebound PPG past Thomson Phinney to even it up. Kiefer on PP slingshot up the wing to Pawlikowski across to Jared Patterson to launch it top shelf for 73’s go ahead at 3:55. Hawks answered back with poor clearing pass on the stick of Johnson, who found Luke Grainger for his second marker in the middle to tie it at 5:18. Hawks broke the tie when Samuel Hatto, assisted by Gasiuk with Callahan, at 7:16. Kemptville in the sin bin as Grainger, with Camp, feathered it over to Bradley Shaw to bury PPG at 19:55. Hawks outshot 73’s by 15 to 11.

Final twenty: Beaton opened up with Kiefer on the point, as Madoka Suzuki recorded his second of game at 18:40 to get within one. Kemptville pulled their stopper at 18:10, to add another attacker to force a tie, without results and then again at 18:54, as Tinling sprang Jeremie Lavallee to dump in for EN at 19:17 to give the Hawks 5-3 victory. Hawks hammered 19 SOG to 73’s 6, for a total of 50 rubber discs that Phinney faced.
Kemptville were awarded with 6 PP opportunities and capitalised on one, as Hawkesbury received 3 with two results.

Smiths Falls Bears were in town for the School Day game, sponsored by Fulford Preparatory College in Merrickville, as they fed on the Kemptville 73’s 4-1. Official face-off with student from Fulford’s Al-Waleed of Oman, with Assistant Captain Garrett Meyer for 73’s and Captain Scott Gervais for the Bears launched the contest.

Participation from local schools was hindered due to poor weather conditions that plagued the special day. Schools that did show up voiced their support for their hometown warriors and were treated to various prize opportunities by 73’s volunteers.

First remained scoreless after twenty, with fast and furious end to end action. Smiths Falls outgunning Kemptville by 10-9. Kemptville, with a man down, opened the second, as Patterson pulled his magic to Meyer over the line across to Nicholas Domitrovic driving hard top shelf by Jake Smith for SHG at 8:56. Smiths Falls came back, as Theo Todd directed it through five hole of Jarrett Fiske at 14:39 with assists from Anderson and Coltart, to end second at one apiece. Bears were on top of 73’s by 13-4 SOG.

Last twenty, the wheels fell off 73’s wagon, as the Bears scored three unanswered goals. At 5:43, Jacob Cuffley slapped a softy from point between the posts. Bears on PP allowed Jacob Cuffley PPG to have his second, with helpers from Leeson and Anderson at 12:05. Way with Cuffley to Mitchell Larabie for Smiths Falls runaway lead of 4-1 at 18:07. Bears with 14 SOG to 73’s 6. Kemptville failed to take advantage of 5 PP attempts and Smiths Falls with 2 and one result.

Unfortunately, three key elements were not available for this contest that could have made a difference; plus 73’s PP and focus not on track.

Next home game is Sunday, March 10 at 2 pm for the last home game of the season hosting their nemesis Carleton Place Canadians sponsored by Tubman Funeral Homes.

Hockey with EDGE, excellent, economical, exciting entertainment…support your 73’s. See you at the game, and please feel free to express some of your thoughts about your concerns and experiences after attending games.


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