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A road trip across Hwy #43 to the Bear’s den on Friday, our boys were settling in for a battle after their two goal loss in November. 73’s came on strong in the first, with a pass back from Kiriacou behind the net to Tackett, off the wall to Tugnutt all alone to rifle it home at 19:49. At6:53 Dow picked up the garbage from initial shot from Kiriacou to go ahead 2 – zip. Bears mounted a comeback at 6:02, when Kenney, with assists from Whynot and Caruso, brought them within one to close-out with 15 apiece SOG.

Bears continued to claw back as Kenney picked up PPG, with helpers from Caruso and Ruitkowski to even it up at 19:34 of the second. Kemptville answered back with a go ahead when Kiriacou caught Alavi going hard and flipped to Dow for his second tally at 10:43. Bobby Dow flew up the wing to bury it for his hat-trick at 4:57, and 73’s fed the Bears a 15 to 7 SOG.

Final frame belonged to our 73’s, with O’Flynn pulling a Subban clearing over the heads of attackers, and speedy Gaudet  calming down the puck for a shifty back hander over sprawling Lubbesmeyer to put us ahead by 3 at 13.14. A PPG at .55 as Gaudet initialed a cycle play with Cameran on wrap-around and  Row banged it home for a 6 – 2 victory.

No question of who receives the Mark’s WW Hat Hard award for his hat-trick plus domineering play.

Outstanding PK’s from Kemptville to only allow one goal on 6 attempts. Discipline still seems to be a issue…more shots, less seat-time would make the coaching staff extremely happy.

Our boys seem to have their eyes on the prize and would love to see you at their next home game to show them support on their endeavours.

Sunday’s contest against the Cornwall Colts was a fast and furious end to end action for both clubs, with equal opportunity in the first frame. Kemptville out-shooting Cornwall by 10 – 8

Second stanza: our boys came on hot and heavy, with Watson from behind the net to Tugnutt, and Tackett  kept banging away at lose puck to force it over line for first marker at 13:13. Tackett will pick up another point at 13:03, when Guy controlled the wall over to Watson so Tackett could bury it. After a consultation with the official and goal judge, it would be reversed and give Kemptville a 3 goal lead. O’Flynn held the line through to Tackett, as Kiriacou punched in the rebound, but was waved off. The official requested a conference with the goal judge and reversed his initial decision, awarding another goal at 2:41. 73’s peppered the Colts with 21 –  13 SOG.

Final period: McFarlane, with help from MacDougall, spoiled Brooks attempt for a SO at 17:45. Then on a PP Hale back-and-forth to Tackett to Guy in the slot, just as the PP ended to make it a 4 – 1 score at 11:45. Frustration took over common sense, as the Colts decided maybe they would have better luck at the sport of boxing, with them resulting in losing two of their key players with game misconducts. At 10:13, after a broken play with PPG, MacDougall, with the help of McFarlane and MacDonald, posted the final goal for Cornwall. 73’s added more salt to wound as Tackett and O’Flynn tic-tac to Guy to rifle it off the cross-bar for a PPG at 9:05 to walk away with a 5 – 2 win and introduce their fans to another fantastic stopper from the junior ranks. Outstanding PK once again…..still have to work on their discipline issues.

Mark’s WW Award is given to Jason Tackett for his 5 point afternoon.

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