Making history......your Kemptville 73's have made a mark in history as they managed a six straight game winning streak. The boys are extremely proud of this achievement as they pose for the camera after their sixth victory against the Carleton Place Canadians on December 19.

by the sportsguy

Due to possible weather conditions, Kemptville 73’s were forced to postpone their meeting with the Hawkesbury Hawks in their barn on December 14. Then on one of the coldest Thursday nights in December, the hot Carleton Place Canadians were shut-down cold by Kemptville 73’s to a 6-3 defeat in front of hometown fans to record history.

Canadians struck first when 73’s “D” failed to clear a loose puck and Brendan Hill lifted the garbage over William Anderson at 9:51. 73’s countered on attack after Broda controlled the half boards, across to Jefferies to Chase Lammi from the slot to beat Addison Lawrence at 10:47 to even the odds. Kemptville would mark the tie breaker, as House with Wood broke up a play to find Jeff Taylor screaming through the zone to drive into the back of the net at 15:00. Canadians doubled down with 15-8 SOG, and each club with unsuccessful PP.

End to end action for second stanza, as Whyte AP combined with Whitaker to Carter Vollett to rifle it from top of the circle to move the 73’s ahead by 3 to 1 at 3:53. 73’s outshot Canadians by 12-8 and each had 1 unsuccessful PP.

Last twenty was a wild see-saw affair, as Carleton Place pulled their stopper to add the extra attacker at 13:51 and Moretti stripped the rubber to Wood to open Makoda Suzuki to find the EN at 14:01. Carleton Place bounced back with Jake Roberts, with helpers from Hill and Mourar, at 14:46. Brazier razzle dazzle, with Ryan over to Jeff Taylor at 15:08 to chase Addison Lawrence to the showers to make it 5-2 runaway. Failure to clear from 73’s zone allowed Ayo Adenlye, assisted by Gagnon and Townley, to find open space at 15:29.

Carleton Place pulled Bradley Mitchell for extra man at 16:04, and Lammi hammered his opposition to break the puck free and direct it to Chase Broda for EN at 17:06. Canadians 15-11 SOG and one PP attempt, with 73’s two PP.

William Anderson stood tall as he kept his team on the roll to post the major win.
Next, back-to-back home game battling the Navan Grads on Friday night was a close one, but couldn’t get the job done, as the Kemptville 73’s spoiled their streak with 4-3 loss. Kemptville opened the first as Moretti with Pawlikowski set up Madoka Suzuki (11) to drive it by Alex Alanidis at 6:27. Vollett, with Ryan to drop it back to Yancy Whitaker to find top shelf at 12:21 for 2 to zip lead. Navan 11-9 SOG, with 73’s one PP attempt and Grads one.

Kemptville lifted their foot off the throttle and allowed Navan to slow the pace to capitalize with three goals to put them in the driver’s seat. Grads with man advantage at 6:23, as Will Murray PPG beat Riley McCabe to spoil SO, after Boyer and Robert assistance. Will Murray picked up his second of the evening, with helpers from Robert and Arcan, at 15:05 to even it up. Tie breaker at 15:38, when Orpana with Losev found Tristan Francis to close the period. Even though Kemptville outgunned Navan by 19-10, still behind by one and each team with three PP, with Grads counting one.

Last twenty, with extra attacker for Kemptville when Bond sprang Moretti through the zone across to Chase Lammi PPG for the tie at 3:46. Navan on another PP, as Alex Robert PPG, assisted by Park and Francis at 7:32, for the tie breaker and then they went into defensive mode to hold on to the lead.

Kemptville 73’s rematch to face Carleton Place Canadians on their home ice was a different result, when they were spanked with a 4 to 1 loss during Sunday matinee. It was a one sided official contest, as the 73’s were assessed with seven infractions, with Canadians’ counting on three attempts.

First frame started out as fast and furious battle until 12:24 when Canadian’s Cameron Patton PPG with helpers from McDermott and Lister for first PP to beat William Anderson. Andrej Hromic with another PPG assisted by Mourar and Nelson at 17:56 to end the period with 2 goal lead. Canadians hammered 3 times the rubber with capitalizing on two PP and 73’s unsuccessfully on one attempt.

Final twenty Canadian’s spent 6 PIM on the slab, but Steven Townley with helpers from Code and Kean managed to bury their only regular point at 17:22. Canadian’s doubled up with 10 – 6 SOG and one PP attempt, with 73’s three attempts.

Smiths Falls Bears visited Kemptville 73’s for a rematch after 73’s OT win in December and met with a determined Kemptville squad that doubled up with a 6-3 win. Smiths Falls punched in a squeaker at 1:48 as Cameron McLean with helpers from Leeson and Quick to beat Riley McCabe to open the first. Both teams counted 10 SOG, with the Bears two PP unsuccessful attempts.

Kemptville opened the flood gates as they ran over their opponents in the second stanza. Suzuki off the wall to Pawlikowski, across to Dante Moretti in the slot to drive it by Victor Desjardins at :39 for the tie to start the rally. Dennison with Lammi combination as Chase Broda rifled it between the pegs at 1:19 for the tie breaker. Moretti with Pawlikowski finessed the rubber to Madoka Suzuki on the doorstep to deke the stopper and direct it into the back of the net to make it a 3 – 1 lead for 73’s at 6:21. Cameron Cotnam would strip the puck on the line from attempted breakout on Bears PP, to dippsy doodle one between the post at 12:59 for SHG. Smiths Falls came back with a man advantage when the 73’s received a 5 PIM major to give Theo Todd PPG, assisted by Richardson and Russett at 13:17. McLean with Lewis to find Reid Russett open to put the Bears within one at 16:48. Patterson across to Broda tape to tape onto Cole Dennison waiting to pull the trigger from top of the circle at 18:54. Kemptville outshot Smiths Falls by 14-12 without having one PP attempt and Bears 5 PIM to capitalize for one.

Last twenty was going to be nasty, and 73’s captain warned his troops to be more disciplined as officials would be calling everything. End to end action as both sides had many opportunities with Kemptville receiving a PP at 7:23 when Patterson penetrated the line with Bond launching a missile so Yancy Whitaker PPG could redirect top shelf to close out the period. 73’s kept Bears pinned into their end with doubling up SOG 15-7 and each three PP attempts.

Kemptville need to concentrate on their power play and continue to maintain their aggressive fore checking. Not lose sight of their speed advantage and not allow their opponents to slow down the game.

“A great team effort with two big points, with another opportinity for two more as we face Cornwall for Sunday matinee, as per Jason York after the contest.

Congratulations to 73’s Makoda Suzuki and Jared Patterson after being named to CCHL Selects roster. Coaches Diggers Award is given to the strong, aggressive defensive play of Matthew York, for his aggressive work ethic and constant tenacity, never give up attitude.

Kemptville battles the Hawkesbury Hawkes on home ice on Thursday, January 9.

Hockey with edge… a cut above the rest… show you care… see you there.


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