Smooth transition...Sunday's All-Star challenge was hard hitting, rock and sockem', fast and furious, exciting affair with tons of talent.

by the sportsguy

Well sports fans, your Kemptville 73’s held their main camp from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9 with approximately 70 ice warriors attempting to crack 2019 – 2020 line-up.

All the players were placed into four individual squads, sprinkled with veteran 73’s, for Friday night’s practice to prepare them for their showcase. After the initial practice, all teams had an opportunity to display their talent with coaching and scouts looking on.
On Saturday, all teams showed their best against their opponents hoping to make the cut for Sunday’s final All-Star Game.

As the cuts were made after each contest on Saturday, there was jubilation and disappointment as some contenders were sent home and some moved on to the final stage.

Sunday’s All -Star Game began at Noon when Team Red faced off against Team White with four lines of offence, three lines of defence with two stoppers to finish off the line-up. End to end action for both teams back and forth effort, with each posting a score for the first frame with crunching body abuse and fast and furious transitions.

Second stanza saw Team Red flex it’s muscle as the veterans and the newbies connected to move ahead by one. Before the period ended, Team Red ran up the board by 3 to 1 before entering their locker rooms.

Last twenty, both Team Red and Team White counted a goal each to open up to make it 4 to 2 affair with Red in the lead. Time running down, Team Red managed to put Team White within one to end the challenge with Red over White 4 to 3. When game finished, more players were cut and the lucky few made the initial team roster.

This year, the 73’s have made some changes to their on-ice personnel when Scott Dexter had to resign due to work related requirements. Jason York, one of the owners, will be the new head coach with assistants Wes Cory and Trevor Peters; Terry Nichols will remain as General Manager for the upcoming season.

Your team is in a rebuilding scenario with a great foundation of veterans and rookies to launch their season in September, and could use your support at their home games.


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