Kemptville 73's close successful camp

by the sportsguy

Your 73’s weekend final All – Star game was all Black and White on Sunday, May 5, as they closed down their Import and Prospect Camp.

Both squads were picked after Saturday and Sunday morning selection to gain a place on the roster for the final game of the competition. After a consultation with the on-ice and off-ice personnel, the GM, Terry Nichols, established the line-up for the last challenge and set up for the June invitational camp to finalise new 73’s squad.

First period was an even affair, with each team feeling the other out to force the play or take advantage of mistakes, without success.

Second session, both White and Black came out hard and fast with end-to-end action, as new stoppers were attacked relentlessly, but the White stole the show and peppered shots that finally found their mark.

Final twenty showed the white sweaters ahead by 1 on the board, and resulted in a 5 to zip white-wash to end the day.

The GM made contact with individuals volunteering their time to separate the chafe from the shaft for potential Kemptville 73’s players for June’s camp.


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