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Final home battle Sunday matinee for Kemptville 73’s, sponsored by Tubmans Funeral Homes, facing the high flying Carleton Place Canadians proved to be too much to handle as they fell 8– 3. Carleton Place opened the first when capitalizing on two defensive breakdowns, as Keenan Reynolds, with helpers from Enebak and Townend, slipped a softie by Jarrett Fiske at 6:53. Then, at 11:56, Ryland Mosley, assisted by Bolton and Patton, found open space to end period with 2 to zip lead. Canadians posted 13 SOG to 73’s 4.

Canadians counted four more markers to launch the one-sided second session as Cade Townend, with assists from Bourhas and Eckert, found the back of the net at 3:23. Z. Tupker and Gagnon assisted Cole Beckstead at 9:39 for 4-goal lead. Ryland Mosley picked up his second of the day with helpers from Adenlye and McDermott at 16:03. Reynolds and Eckert helped teammate Henry Enebak drive one home at 17:12. Kemptville spoiled Vincent Bujold-Roux’s shutout attempt at 19:20, when Beaton combined with Dennison through the neutral zone to Jeff Taylor in the slot to end brutal onslaught.

Last twenty, with Kemptville down by 5, aggravated an open wound as they bounced back when Fraser sprung Pawlikowski over the middle across to Madoka Suzuki top shelf by the stopper at 6:45. McLean held the line over to speedy Dick, and Noah Dioszeghy rifled in the spoils at 8:59 to move 73’s within three. Canadians layered their attack at 10:14, as Peyton Francis recorded his first marker with helpers from Bourhas and Eckert. Peyton Francis capitalized, assisted by Bourhas with Hromic, at 15:07 to end the slaughter.

Kemptville only managed to have one shot more than Carleton Place 14-13.
Kemptville had two PP opportunities without results, and 73’s stayed off the slab, not giving Canadians any PP.

On the road to meet with the pesky Smiths Falls Bears on Tuesday night was a positive visit, as the 73’s posted a 5 – 3 win. Smiths Falls Bears drew first blood as Anderson with Coltart found Tate Leeson to beat Thomson Phinney at 14:32 for only marker. Smiths Falls 17 SOG to Kemptville’s 10.

Kemptville owned the second, as they counted with three unanswered strikes to put them ahead by 3 to 1. Kiefer opened up Fry, as Madoka Susuki rifled one by Jack Ryan at :45 to start the roll. Pawlikowski combined with Suzuki back to Cameron McLean on point between the pipes at 2:05. Pawlikowski back to Kiefer holding the line and Jeff Taylor over the top at 16:03 to close the flood gates of the second.

Smiths Falls came on strong to open final twenty as Anderson and Leeson opened Mitchell Larabie at 7:05 to put them one behind. Then Bears tied it when they capitalized on PP as Fletcher Anderson assisted by Warywoda and Larabie PPG at 8:14. Kemptville broke the tie when Jefferies’ combination with Meyer to Nicholas Domitrovic to launch a missile at 15:27. Madoka Susuki’s lone effort to drive it into the open space for EN to give Kemptville 5-3 win. Smiths Falls outshot Kemptville 40 to 31.

Smiths Falls had 3 PP attempts with one result, and Kemptville with 2 PP without results.

Final game of the season to visit Nepean Raiders on their home turf was devastating win, as Kemptville ended with 4 to win celebration. First period was end to end action, as it remained scoreless, each team recording 10 SOG.

Kemptville with man advantage, as Meyer with Domitrovic back to Cameron McLean on point for PPG to drive past Olivier Pimpare-Charbonneau at 10:20. Kemptville outshot Nepean by 17 to 10.

Final twenty miler found Kemptville in the driver’s seat, with another PP Suzuki with Fry to Jared Patterson for PPG at 2:04. McLean opened Dick to Ryan Pawlikowski to slam it into the back forty at 3:26 to make it a 3 to zip affair. Fraser ahead to Fry across to John Beaton driving hard at the net for his 13th marker of the season at 9:26. Nepean would shatter Thomson Phinney’s SO attempt when Owen Dunne, with helpers from Larkin and Clark, directed it top shelf at 11:10 to end the pain, with Kemptville taking a 4-1 victory. Raiders hammered 21 rubber discs to 9 by 73’s.

Another well disciplined game, as Kemptville managed 2 PP with 3 attempts and Nepean without results for 2 attempts. Excellent way to end a tough-fought season for your winter warriors.


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