KDH’s new automated parking gate system set to launch


Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) is pleased to announce that its new automated parking gate system will be fully operational the week of September 17, 2018.

The state of the art new system will be both highly efficient and easy to use, according to KDH’s Manager of Building Services, Tammy Buehlow. “The new system will provide an enhanced experience for our patients, visitors, and our staff compared to the previous outdated and often unreliable parking gate system,” she said.

Tammy emphasized that the maximum daily rate has not changed: it remains at $6 and, as before, there is no charge for stays of less than 20 minutes. In the case of a lost ticket, the fee of $6 can be paid at any of the parking pay stations. Weekly passes cost $25, and monthly passes $50. As always, revenue from parking at KDH is reinvested into patient care.

KDH anticipates that parking equipment downtimes and delays will be all but eliminated with the efficient new system. One of the enhanced features of the new system is that it doesn’t rely on hospital staff to provide help when people encounter difficulties, which often happens after hours. The new parking system is managed by Impark, one of the largest parking management companies in North America, and includes access to a call centre that is staffed 24/7. Hospital visitors will be able to press a button for instant help at each of the gates as well as at the parking pay machines. Strategically placed security cameras will enable Impark call centre staff to assist KDH visitors with payment issues in real time.

“We would be remiss if we didn’t thank the members of the communities we serve for their patience during the transition to the new system,” said Andy Pinhey, KDH’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations, who oversaw the acquisition of the new system.

“We are grateful for the public’s acceptance of the temporary ‘pay and display’ system that has been in place during the transition period,” he elaborated, “and we especially appreciate your patience with the unforeseen delays that arose during the installation of the new system.”

He was referring to several unanticipated issues that slowed the installation, including a blocked conduit feeding cables to the parking gates, and some complex network and cabling issues. After thorough investigation and consultation with experts, these issues have been successfully resolved.

KDH’s new system is similar to the previous parking gate system, in that visitors will take a ticket on entering through the gates, and keep the ticket with them to pay at one of the parking pay stations when they are ready to leave. As before, the parking pay stations are located in the hospital’s main lobby and at the new entrance to the Clinics at KDH (accessible from the upper parking lot), as well as in the KDH Health Centre on the hospital campus. These machines accept cash, credit and debit cards. Alternatively, visitors can pay for their parking at the gates on exiting, but only by credit card.

Visitors unfamiliar with the new parking system should keep an eye out for KDH’s valued volunteers, who are recognizable by their red smocks; they have been provided with an education session about the new system and are ready to answer questions and lend a helping hand.

Additional information about the new parking gate system can be found on the KDH website at this link: www.kdh.on.ca/patient-visitor-info/parking.


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