by Martin Carette, Financial Coach,
The Employment + Education Centre

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville created the SSRF (Covid Relief Fund) to support residents of Leeds and Grenville who have been financially impacted by the pandemic. “It helped me in a time when I wasn’t able to get any jobs due to the pandemic, so the money I received helped me to pay some bills. I am very grateful I made the decision to call the employment office (EEC) and got them to help me with getting some support from the relief fund.”- SSRF (Covid Relief Fund) recipient.

Distributed through the Employment and Education Centre, the Covid Relief Fund is designed to help individuals and families cover the costs of everything from rent, food, school supplies, personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, and more.

Another SSRF (Covid Relief Fund) recipient said, “I was able to buy groceries, cleaning supplies and get caught up on my hydro bill. It pretty much helped keep us above water.”

The Employment + Education Centre offers multiple financial services along with the SSRF (Covid Relief Fund), covering everything from budgeting basics and financial literacy, to money management and cash flow analysis.

“We are encouraging people to think outside of the box. If you need support for something that might not be covered by the Covid Relief Fund directly, why not save money in one area, to cover the cost in another? It doesn’t hurt to reach out and talk about your options.” said Martin Carette, Financial Coach.

Not sure if something is covered by the SSRF? Just give the Employment and Education Centre a call and their financial coach will work with you to figure it out.

You can contact the Employment and Education Centre’s Financial Coach, Martin at 613-498-2111 ext. 234 or [email protected].


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