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Earth Day Canada is inviting communities and organizations to mobilize during the month of April and get ready to celebrate our planet on Earth Day, April 22. While many Canadians want to help better the planet, it can be daunting to know where to start. Earth Day Canada’s mission is to guide people towards action through easy access to local activities available in their event calendar and educating them on how to reduce their environmental impact.

Earth Day Canada is a charitable organization that helps individuals, municipalities and organizations reduce their impact on the environment. In addition to organizing a large-scale awareness campaign on April 22, Earth Day Canada deploys environmental programs and projects with a proven positive impact in various areas such as waste management, the fight against food waste and sustainable mobility.

To help draw attention to this year’s call to action, Earth Day Canada launches Picture a Better Planet campaign in collaboration with creative agency Sid Lee. Recently, young activists have garnered the media’s attention to the pressing environmental issues impacting everyone by throwing soup at famous art that resonate with every generation. Building on this tension, the campaign uses the famous artworks themselves as spokespersons in the quirky campaign to encourage everyone of all generations to join in environmental engagement activities and support environmental organizations by joining their actions or donating to them.

“With this campaign, we are inviting Canadians to reengage in the important environmental movement. We want people to know that Earth Day Canada is a facilitator for companies, communities, and individuals looking to participate in green initiatives to connect with organizations nationwide that are doing work that benefit our shared planet and home”, says Valérie Mallamo, Executive Director at Earth Day Canada. “We welcome everyone to join an event listed on our calendar and also register their own event on our website. When people are informed on the various ways they can create a positive environmental impact, it becomes easier for them to mobilize others to better their local communities and beyond.”

To view Picture a Better Planet and to see the full calendar of events visit

The campaign is also on Earth Day Canada’s social media platforms.


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