by Paul Rochon

Did you know that approximately 1,000 units of blood are collected annually in North Grenville by the Canadian Blood Services? This, making our community one the best blood donors per capita in Eastern Ontario. There are monthly Blood Donor Events (formerly called Blood Donor Clinics) at the W.B. George Centre, or at the Municipal Building.

North Grenville is one of the few places in Eastern Ontario where Blood Donor Events are held on National and Civic holidays. Hospitals in Ottawa depend on our donors for their blood supply during the week following a holiday.

Donors in this community are dedicated people who wish to give life to a stranger. You’ve probably seen the roadside signs announcing an upcoming Blood Donor Event: you are being called to donate. It only takes an hour of your time and, at the end of the donating, you are offered some tasty treats.

Are you nervous about donating the very first time, either because of the needle, or possible pain? Pinch your inner arm for about five seconds: that’s the amount of discomfort you will experience. Please join the list of dedicated donors. Canadian Blood Services staff are on hand to make you feel comfortable, safe and appreciated. You will be rewarded, knowing your blood is going to help someone. The difference could be life and death.

There is an upcoming Blood Donor Event on Monday, October 7, at the W.B. George Centre from 1:30pm till 4:00pm, and from 5:30pm till 8:00pm. Go to for an appointment, or just come in as “a walk in.”


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