It’s Good to See You!


Like everyone at Winchester District Memorial Hospital [WDMH], Kimberly Paterson’s job has changed a bit over the last few weeks, due to COVID-19. Kimberly is WDMH’s Social Worker, but she has also taken on the additional role of “event planner”, arranging virtual visits for patients and their families. And she couldn’t be happier.

As part of the regional COVID-19 plan, WDMH has welcomed patients from hospitals in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Some of these patients are far from home and their families. To provide a new way to connect during this unusual time, WDMH purchased several computer tablets to do just that.

“It’s nice to be able to support our patients, especially when they are unable to have visitors due to the pandemic,” says Kimberly. “And it’s nice for families to be able to see how everyone is doing. Knowing they are OK is a big relief.”

Kimberly has also arranged some window visits, using cell phones. Families can gather outside, keeping patients safe inside. “There’s something about seeing someone in person that really made the family’s day,” she says.

Social Worker Kimberly Paterson can be reached at 613- 774-2422 ext. 6125.


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