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The new owners of Geronimo coffee shop are eager to join the downtown Kemptville community as they take ownership of the beloved café this spring.

Scott Godwin and Luc Vincent are looking forward to a quieter life in Kemptville after over two decades in downtown Toronto. Scott is originally from Kemptville, and still has family living in the old downtown. “We have been ready to leave Toronto for a long time,” Scott says. “The downtown core is getting really busy.”

Scott and Luc have been dreaming of owning their own café for a while. They’d been patrons of Geronimo when they came to Kemptville several times a year and always loved the atmosphere that Terri and Lee created. When they saw that they were putting the business up for sale, they both thought it was the perfect opportunity to make their dream a reality. “From the minute someone sent me the post saying that they were selling Geronimo, my world changed,” Scott says.

Scott and Luc were surprised and thrilled to have won the bid to buy Geronimo. “It’s not only a dream come true, but it’s also being able to do it together,” Scott says, a bit teary eyed. “I’ve always really wanted to work with Luc.”

Scott comes from a background in event planning for non-profits and Luc from a position with the provincial government. They are eager to learn about the needs and wants of their future customers and are very passionate about maintaining the hub that Geronimo has become for the community. They have already had a lot of business owners and community leaders reach out to them to welcome them to the downtown Kemptville family. “There is a lot of heart in this project and that is what is driving us,” Scott says. “We want to keep those relationships alive.”

Scott and Luc don’t have any major plans to change the Geronimo that Terri and Lee have built. The menu will generally stay the same, with the exception of the baked goods, which Scott is eager to experiment with. Having taken several pastry courses at George Brown College in Toronto, he is excited to try new recipes and have people to bake for. “I eat a lot of baked goods,” Luc says laughing. “It’s a good thing I am active.”

The pair are also excited about the prospect of putting together monthly evening events for the community. Scott has some training in wine and would love to put together wine tastings to bring something different to the downtown. “We love having people over and entertaining,” Luc says. “It’s in our blood.”

Overall both Scott and Luc are really looking forward to becoming a part of the community in North Grenville. Every time they visit, they feel more and more at home, and are excited about taking on this new challenge. “People are so positive and encouraging,” Scott says. “We are really excited to work with the BIA and throw a little glitter into the mix.”

Scott and Luc say that both Terri and Lee have been extremely helpful in giving them everything they need to successfully take over the business in the spring. They are crossing their fingers for a smooth transition when they officially take over on April 1, 2020. “We want people to know that the heart is still going to be there,” Scott says. “We know we have some big shoes to fill and we want everyone to be proud of what we are creating.”



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