Interim control bylaw on cannabis facilities extended


North Grenville Council passed a resolution at the special planning meeting last week to extend the interim control bylaw on cannabis facilities for another year. On August 27, 2019, council passed interim bylaw to prohibit the establishment or expansion of cannabis facilities in the Municipality. This was done partially in response to residents’ complaints about Fleurish Cannabis, on County Road 20, in North Grenville. The goal of the interim control bylaw was to allow the Municipality time to undertake a planning study of current planning practices in relation to cannabis facilities. This included how to address things like odour, noise, nuisance, lighting, neighbourhood and land use compatibility, separation distances, and buffering. To support Fleurish Cannabis, which was already established in the community, and Era Cannabis, which was going through the site plan stage at the time, both companies were awarded exemptions from the interim control bylaw.

Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman said last year that, in consulting with former Director of Planning and Development, Phil Gerrard, he didn’t think the process would take the full 12 months. However, at the planning meeting on August 19, staff requested that council extend the bylaw for another year. According to the staff report, this additional time is being sought to finalize the planning study, seek public input, and consult further with legal council.

The interim control bylaw is now in place for up to one year, but staff confirmed at the meeting that a report should be brought back to council in November. Until then, no cannabis facilities can be established or expanded in North Grenville.


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