Information needed on Henry and Mabel Robinson McFarlane


by Jennifer K. Clarkson

I am assisting an American friend, of Watertown, NY, Martha – a Vice President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution – to locate information on her Canadian relatives/ancestors. A wrong entry on a marriage certificate led us astray, but census records for Oxford Mills steered us in the correct direction.

Martha’s great aunt Mabel (1879-1939), who married Henry McFarlane, is buried in Union Cemetery. From the information on the headstone, Martha had hoped that one of their children was still living, but that was not to be.

Perhaps one of their descendants still resides in the North Grenville area? They might be willing to provide information on their ancestor that neither Martha nor I can find. Martha would love to meet them!

Anyone with information could contact me through the Times by calling 613-215-0735, or e-mail:


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