How serious are you about fitness?


A great question that has an organization to help you find your answer. SAF (serious about fitness) is an all women’s fitness organization that invites women from all over the world to promote their transformation. With an upcoming Fall Spectacular coming to Ottawa and Gatineau on October 15, local business owner and fitness instructor Rebecca Cronk is helping women get serious. Categories open for entry are: Open & Elite Bikini, Open Athletic Model, Open & Elite Fitness Model Transformation. Rebecca is looking forward to volunteering backstage at the SAF Fall event.

As a competitor herself in the SAF Summer Spectacular, Rebecca placed first and won pro elite status in the fitness model category. When asked what got her started, she replied: “I first got into fitness competitions as a result of wanting to prove some previous boyfriends wrong. After the first, I was hooked and I now compete because I absolutely love the sport.” One of the many reasons Rebecca enjoys this organization is that “The body building world can be a scary and negative place for many, but SAF is a very inclusive fun environment that focuses on fostering a positive fitness and stage experience”.

Not only is Rebecca a competitor, but a business owner in downtown Kemptville. Get Cronk’d Fitness is her haven where she can coach and train. “Training has been a non negotiable in my life since 2012. Motivation to workout will come and go, but for me it has been routine for so long I can get up and go train without much thought. Doing a half effort workout and going through the motions is better than doing nothing at all on those unmotivated low days. Having a sport where I can push myself, mind and body, where at 30 years old I still haven’t peaked, is great motivation to keep building my best physique”.

The most inspiring aspect of the SAF competition is that there is a category for women who are just starting on this new adventure to present their best self. “It is OK if your transformation began weeks, months or years ago. What matters is that it is underway and that you present your best self on our SAF stage.” The judging criteria is not about who is in the best shape but who has come the farthest and made the greatest impression with their transformation. This is a subjective opinion and one of the requirements would be to send in a before and after picture. The participant is also not judged on pose, but would be asked to do quarter turns to display their amazing transformation. The goal of SAF is to show a healthy fitness transformation that can inspire others. When you join the SAF family, not only would you gain resources, you would gain a worldwide support system.

For more information, contact Rebecca at GET CRONK’D or visit SAF at


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