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Submitted by Pat Babin

Kyle Bellehumeur, Equine Specialist/Manager of the Therapeutic Equestrian Centre in Kars, introduced his Youngsters of Yore audience on Thursday to Tranquil Acres, a safe and supportive environment to connect with horses and oneself, a place of tranquility, peace, and inspiration.
It has been said that horses change lives. A recent client had this to say: “It had never occurred to me that the connection between a human and a horse would be so strong, After spending time with the horses, I am absolutely surprised and amazed by how we can share emotions and our stories with mammals of such power.”
The Centre also provides H.E.L.P., a program developed for military and first responders affected by Post-Traumatic Stress and/or Operational Stress Injuries.
Amazing! The hyper vigilance of horses translates into the ability to sense and/or tune into nonverbal cues. Horses reflect back to people what is happening in terms of their internal emotional and psychological process. The horse responds to your inner state without judgment.
You may wish to contact Mr. Bellehumeur at his address: 7405 Third Line Road, Kars, ON, K0A 2E0, 613-489-5294 kymailto:[email protected]


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