Home Support and Bayfield welcome Trivia


Friends of the North Grenville Public Library will continue its trivia classes at Bayfield Retirement Residence for a fourth consecutive year, according to Trivia Master Patrick Babin. Classes are held every Tuesday at 10 AM, starting September 5, 2018.

One of trivia’s primary benefits is that it enables us to learn a surprising amount about a wide variety of subjects in a non-threatening setting. Trivia should never be equated with intelligence; you are not expected to know the answers to all questions. Furthermore, some of us take longer to process questions; that is why this important rule exists: Do not answer the question until the trivia master completes the question. That’s a NO-No!!

It is a form of mental exercise that helps us to keep the mind sharp. It is one of the best mental exercises we can do.

Starting August 15, Friends will also offer trivia sessions at Home Support Kemptville every other Thursday. If interested, please contact Jennifer Graham at the Cheryl Brown Centre.

Because of these requests, and we certainly welcome them, we encourage some of our members (Friends) to assist. Quite a few have already donated trivia books along with games. We would certainly appreciate having a few volunteer “questioners” on reserve.


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