An interpretive plaque describing the history of the cheese factories in the village, commemorating the early pioneers, and the lives lost at this site will be unveiled on the site of the last cheese factory, Mill Street, Bishop’s Mills on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 11 am during Bishop’s Mills Community Day

The event is organized by community members, with support from the Bishop’s Mills Community Association and the Municipality of North Grenville. Families of the original cheese makers have provided financial support for the production of the plaque.

The cheese factory operated successfully through the early 1900s, with local farmers providing the milk. The cheese was produced in the factory and some was sold back to the farmers and local residents. The remaining cheese was shipped to Ottawa and Montreal and on to Europe.

In 1924, a boiler explosion destroyed the building, killing three people. The factory was rebuilt, and served the local community until 1946.

The plaque is to honour these early pioneers and those who lost their lives. Descendants of the last three cheese makers – including the Dool, Hamblen and Watts families – will be in attendance. The unveiling ceremony is expected to last 30 minutes.


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