Highlights from the December 17, 2019 Council Meeting


Gateway Signage: Council approved that Gateway Signage be implemented as one of the methods of posting speed limits. Gateway Signage is a new method of posting legal speed limits, as outlined by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. This method of signage requires an area speed limit sign at all entry points and exit points of a community or neighbourhood. It designates all streets within the respective entry and exit points at the specified speed limit. The use of these types of signs offers great benefits to our Municipality, including reduced speed, reduced costs and decreased roadway clutter.

Adoption of Transportation Master Plan and Commuter Cycling Plan: Council received and adopted the Transportation Master Plan and the Commuter Cycling Plan as official Planning documents for road and water/sewer upgrades for the Municipality of North Grenville. These documents are available on our website at www.northgrenville.ca/NGtmp.

Funding for Rideau-Sanders Triangle: Council has directed staff to submit a joint application with the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville for funding, through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Green Fund. These funds would support the rehabilitation of underground water and sewer, as well as important road improvements for the Rideau-Sanders triangle.

Accessible Transportation Service: Council approved a resolution that North Grenville enter into a one-year agreement with Allegiance Transportation Services (ATS) to provide accessible transportation services in North Grenville. The Municipality will provide ongoing annual financial support up to $61,000, and will receive, for the first time in its history, the Dedicated Gas Tax funds from the Province of Ontario in support of North Grenville’s transportation service.

Community Grants: Council approved the following Community Grants for 2019 for a total of $5,436: Oxford Mills Community Association ($886), North Grenville Arts Guild ($1,000), Kemptville Youth Centre ($1,500), North Grenville Historical Society ($750), and Country Walk Community Association ($1,300). A Spring and Fall intake for future application is planned for 2020.


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