Highlights from Committee of the Whole


Police Services Board:

Don Sherritt, Chair of the Police Services Board, presented the OPP Municipal 2020 Annual billing statement and recommended Council acceptance. The Board also recommended that Council consider an additional Constable in 2021 to enhance police presence within the community.

Library Board 2020 Budget:

Rachel Brown, CEO of the North Grenville Public Library, presented its draft 2020-2023 Operating Budget. She noted an increase in circulation, attendance and programs to meet community demand. There is a small budget increase forecasted for 2020 primarily due to staff salaries, absorbing the full cost of Interlibrary Loans and IT support. There is a Feasibility Study underway to assess the potential for Sunday hours. The Municipality is the primary source of financial support through an annual grant.

Draft Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan:

Steve Langlois of Monteith Brown Planning Consultants presented the Draft Master Plan to the Committee of the Whole. This Plan, the first of its kind in North Grenville’s history, will guide decision-making for Parks, Recreation and Culture over the next ten years. The consultation process engaged over 1,000 people, and dozens of stakeholders. There are 86 recommendations as part of a roadmap. Comments on the Plan can be emailed to PRCmasterplan@northgrenville.on.ca and will be accepted until end of year.

Transportation Master Plan:

Committee of the Whole recommended to Council that the Transportation Master Plan and the Commuter Cycling Plan be received and adopted as an official Master Planning document for the Municipality of North Grenville. One major change is to separate Wellington Road into two projects. Phase 1 is to pave the southern end of the road to align with Parkinson St. and add water and sewer lines. Phase 2 is to align the northern end of the road with Ryan’s Well, if warranted.

Accessible Transportation Service:

The Committee of the Whole recommends to Council that the Municipality of North Grenville enter into an agreement with Allegiance Transportation Services (ATS) to provide accessible transportation service in North Grenville; and that they provide ongoing annual financial support in the amount of $61,000, and be responsible for the Dedicated Gas Tax funds from the Province of Ontario for North Grenville Accessible Transportation.

Application for Rural Development (RED) Funding – 15 Water St.

The Committee of the Whole supported staff to apply for funding through the Rural Economic Development (RED) program to fund the capital repairs for 15 Water St.


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