Kika Smith

by Kirstin Nordstrand

Every community has them: pillars. Those are the people that make our home towns the places we want to live. North Grenville has several. We have one who quietly goes about giving to our community and those less fortunate on a constant basis: Kika Smith.

But Kemptville’s “gentle, caring soul” needs our help – it is our turn to give back. Cancer – that most dreaded of diagnoses – has reared its ugly head. Early days, but as many of us already know from personal experience, this is a long, arduous journey. Kika and her family need our support now more than ever. They will be confronted with unexpected medical costs and additional expenses in home support.

We all know how difficult it has been over the last 2 years for small businesses. Despite the difficulties she faced, she continued to extend a hand to anybody in our community that needed help, with a pat on the back, a listening ear, kind word, and her gentle smile.

If you ask anybody that knows Kika for a single word to describe her, the invariable response is “only one word?” Sweet, infectious smile, independent, bright, bubbly, fun, thoughtful, generous, warm all describe our Kika.

Who hasn’t benefitted from the smile cookies at Brewed Awakenings? What military personnel from our home hasn’t enjoyed a free treat? What about our front liners – paramedics, nurses, vaccine technicians, and all those other folks in the medical fields – who have enjoyed some Brewed brew? How many house-bound people had a delicious lunch delivered right to their door during our early covid lockdowns?

In order to help Kika navigate the hell of that disease, any donation will be gratefully appreciated.

Donations can be sent to:


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