Hello North Grenville


by Wendy Embleton, President, and all Board Members,
The Kemptville District Community Association

As they say, “that’s a wrap” as we applaud another successful, fun filled Canada Day 2021 in our wonderful North Grenville Community!

Proud to be Canadian had so many different meanings this year, North Grenville came together as a community this Canada Day from decorating your Home or Business to sharpening your pencils in our colouring contests; while paddling in a Poker Run on the Kemptville Creek, many families were getting there GooseChase on with their creative ideas! Did you participate in a Kahoots of Trivia Fun? Our glasses were full “eh” and plates flowing with flavour with our first time Restaurant Challenge.

A round of applause from our “local musical talent “while we sang along with some live streaming music. Wonderful local artists offering craft events and story time, while we all supported local businesses.

What sets us apart as a Community is our dedication and volunteers that were able to make this day happen.

The Kemptville District Community Association is a local association that stands true to our missions’ statement, “Promoting Community cohesion and self-reliance through positive change.” while supporting local businesses and events.

Our partnerships with the North Grenville Times and North Grenville Municipality aloud this Canada Day 2021 event to be even more successful.

A special shout out and thank you to Maggie and the NG Times for all your support. As always, Maggie went above and beyond to showcase and creatively display this Canada Day event.

This also comes from passion as a dedicated business owner and “friend” to many of us, her love and loyalty to this community stands out!

We want to say, “Thank You” for everything you have done to support the Kemptville District Community Association and Canada Day 2021, as well as just by being “YOU”.

A special thank you to all the volunteers that made this day happen as well as friends and family who participated in this years’ Canada Day!

We are in this together North Grenville, be proud!

Thank you,

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