Hello, Goodbye


The staffing situation at the Municipality of North Grenville, already in flux, has become even more so over the past few days. With the departure of CAO Brian Carré, and the announced retirement of Clerk, Cahl Pominville, it certainly seemed like an era was coming to an end. That end may have to be postponed somewhat, however, with the news that the incoming Clerk/Director of Corporate Services, Kimberley Cassleman, has resigned.

Ms. Cassleman was hired to replace Cahl Pominville. But, after just four days on the job, she submitted her resignation, citing the commute from Prescott, young children, and, most importantly, the size of the job that was to be undertaken by her in the new position.

Seeing the sheer scope of the job currently being done by Cahl, and the energy and plans of the municipal council, Ms. Cassleman felt that she was not the person to fill Cahl’s shoes. North Grenville has changed greatly since the last municipal election. The “new” mayor and council have hit the ground running and a great deal is expected of staff, particularly senior management.

The municipality will now be looking to replace the CAO, hire a Deputy Clerk, and fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of the replacement for the Clerk. Confusing and diverting, if you’re not the ones who have to sort out the situation. Cahl Pominville has agreed to be available to help with the transition to a more stable staffing situation.


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