The NG Times Newspaper

by John Baldwin
5th November 2018.

Oh me! Oh my! What a surprise,
I had to do a double take, to believe my old eyes.
There sat a strange character, in an open seated sports-car,
The strangest I’ve seen in Kemptville , by far!
He was all dressed up in a cover-all type suit,
And he whistled right by, not even giving me a ”Toot”!
His head it was a plastic bag with leaves , or paper, stuffed in,
And he just whisked by,- and his face had a big grin.
My thoughts were a tumbling, like two hunting Hawks,
When the answer came to me,-that must be Guy Fawkes!
Ah yes, of course, nearly November the 5th, and I twice checked the date,
It’s the time of the year, when those “Brits”, Old Guy Fawkes, they do fete.
In the reign of James I, he a gunpowder plot, to blow up parliament, did conspire.
But alas, not being too swift, he got caught and ended up, himself, on a fire,
And he duly paid for his own stupid mistake,
As he was hoisted aloft and “Burnt at the Stake”!
King James, so relieved that his life had been saved ordered an annual celebration,
On every 5th of November, beacons and bonfires were to be lit, to let them know who was king of their nation.
And thus the Guy that I had just seen pass me by with a grin,
Would soon meet his end on a bonfire, much to his chagrin!
And so it was, later that day, that this particular Guy on a bonfire did go,
And fireworks and sparklers were set off as Guy departed, again this year, in the bonfire’s warm glow!!

Hotter Guy Than Most


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