Harry Pratt Memorial BBQ


submitted by Terri-Lyn McEvoy

Come on out and join us Rain or Shine for the 8th Annual Harry Pratt Memorial BBQ! Every year, we host this BBQ with the support of Fat Les’s Chip Stand and Rush Truck Centers -Kemptville!

The Harry Pratt Memorial Fund was established in memory of the late Harry Pratt, a compassionate individual who made an indelible mark on the community of Kemptville, Ontario through his exceptional volunteerism. Harry’s selfless dedication and numerous accolades have inspired the creation of this fund which aims to continue his legacy of service.

Harry Pratt was a beloved figure in Kemptville, known for his tireless commitment to improving the lives of others through volunteer work. He generously offered his time, skills and sometimes the shirt off his own back to various local charities, community organizations, and initiatives aimed at supporting those in need. Harry’s impact was profound as he touched the lives of countless individuals and became an inspiration for others to get involved.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Harry Pratt received several awards for his volunteerism in Kemptville and the greater Municipality of North Grenville. He was honoured with the Volunteer of the Year award multiple times and the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. These awards are a testament to his unwavering dedication and the positive influence he had on the community. Harry’s leadership and ability to rally others to join him in his fundraising efforts were widely acknowledged and celebrated. Most times you couldn’t chat with Harry without committing to supporting an important cause. 

The Harry Pratt Memorial Fund continues Harry’s legacy by supporting initiatives that align with his values and reflect the needs of the Kemptville community. The fund provides grants and resources to local organizations that demonstrate a commitment to community service, social welfare, and making a positive impact in Kemptville and the greater Municipality of North Grenville. 

The Harry Pratt Memorial Fund stands as a testament to Harry’s remarkable character and his significant contributions to the Municipality of North Grenville. By perpetuating his legacy, the fund aims to inspire others to engage in acts of selflessness and foster positive change within the community, ensuring Harry’s spirit of generosity, compassion, and service lives on. 

The Chamber of Commerce will be supporting the Harry Pratt Memorial Fund.


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