Change your number, change your luck...combination of McLean with Beaton to find Jacob Thousand hard driving to the night for his first marker of Friday evening contest against Cornwall Colts...maybe it was the number or the Thousand magic.

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Sunday road game against the Navan Grads was another disappointment, as our boys suffered 3-1 loss. First frame was opened up with the Grads counting first at 19:09, with man advantage Bygrave to Losev to Zack Hoffman PPG to beat Jarrett Fiske and 73’s mounted some sin bin time to get on the sheet. Navan outshot Kemptvile by 15-7.

Second stanza, Navan struck again, with Ryan King finding the back of the net, assisted by Hoffman and Searles at 3:29. Kemptville mounted an attack on Seth Carter, as combination of Dennison back to McLean and Dylan Bond, drove it home at 7:52 to put them within one. Period full of undisciplined play for both squads, with Navan getting 10 SOG to Kemptville 3 and one past the pipes.

Final twenty, with end-to-end action and Kemptville unable to take advantage of Navan’s slab warming time remained 2-1. 73’s pulled their stopper at 18:46 for extra attacker. Grads pounced on loose rubber, as Alex Robert sent it out for EN at 19:15 to give Navan a tight win of 3-1. Grads still outgunning 73’s 16 – 6 SOG. 73’s PK was on point as they only allowed one goal on five attempts by the Grads, and Kemptville with three attempts without results.

At home on Friday night for “RLT Mountain of Toys” game, battling the Cornwall Colts was the same as previous meeting. Kemptville came out strong, keeping Cornwall in their zone and shutting down the stringers in the neutral zone and their PP on point. Man advantage at 15:09 with tic-tac-toe play from Beaton to Samson back to Cameron McLean on point for PPG top shelf by Michael Carr. Kemptville outgunned Cornwall 16-11 and ended first with 1-zip lead.

73’s still very aggressive with their forecheck and forcing Colts into penalty situations to open second. Beaton back to McLean and Jacob Thousand to launch the rebound up and over for PPG at 8:35 to make it 2 to zip. Cornwall picked up garbage goal at 11:00 when defensive move failed, and Barnes with Collins found Benjamin Dirven on Jarrett Fiske’s doorstep. Kemptville outshooting Cornwall 17-8.

Final stage, Kemptville with man advantage combined, with Kiefer and Beaton threading the needle to Jacob Thousand flying towards net to redirect for PPG and his second of the evening at 14:25. Colts corralled the loose rubber in 73’s zone at 16:23, as Nick Abbott, with Dirven and Reifler assisting to bring them within one. At 16:34 Cedric Matte with helpers from Gilmour and Griffith, forced tie to go to OT. Colts tightened up their SOG with 73’s ahead 10-9. OT closed out with Kemptville recording 6 SOG to Cornwall 1 without results, to force the dreaded (unfair) SO. The rest is history, as Kemptville failed to score and Cornwall sniper Phillippe Gilmour capitalized for the 4-3 victory.

73’s next home is Sunday, December 9, at 2:00 when they face Ottawa Junior Senators.

Congratulations to John Beaton for his next step in his hockey career, as he is committed to NCCA RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) for the 2020-21 school year.

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