Habitat for Humanity is planning their latest build in North Grenville, and, this time, they’re moving to the country! After a successful build in Kemptville in recent years, the site for the new project is in the Oxford Mills area, where land has been generously donated. This project is also somewhat different in that the house is not being built, it’s being moved. A three-bedroomed home is currently located west of Spencerville, and the owners have gifted it to Habitat on condition that they move it themselves.

The plan is to lay the foundations in Oxford Mills, install septic and well systems, and then have a professional contractor move the house from Spencerville to its new location. Then, having filled in the hole left behind in Spencerville, work can begin on installing new siding, as well as a new kitchen and bathroom in the house. Work on clearing the land in Oxford Mills has started, and a meeting will be held in the United Church in the village on June 23, where volunteers will be recruited to complete work on the new home.

In the meantime, the Third Annual Annable Designs Golf Classic will be held on Wednesday, June 15, at Smugglers Glen golf course in Gananoque. All proceeds from the event will go to the Oxford Mills build. More information on the Classic can be found at either www.annabledesigns.ca/charitygolf.html or www.habitat1000islands.org.

The Oxford Mills build is the latest initiative by Habitat for Humanity 1000 Islands Chapter, having just opened their new ReStore store on County Road 43. Although the project itself, with donated land and a donated house, is unusual in some ways, it will follow the general pattern of Habitat homes. A selection committee is at work to choose a family to move into the home when it’s finished. They will need to have a minimum income in order to carry the interest-free mortgage which will be held by Habitat. The house will be sold at fair market value and the mortgage payments cannot equal more than 30% of the family’s income.

Speaking on behalf of Habitat, Martin Vanandal noted that applications for the 1,200 square foot home will be accepted by Habitat until the end of July, and the house should be ready for occupation before the end of this year. Calculating the value of the home is difficult at this stage, given the unusual elements involved. The rural location will mean lower property taxes, of course, than a Kemptville location.

Anyone interested in learning more about the project, or becoming a volunteer team member, should attend the meeting at the United Church in Oxford Mills on June 23. The meeting starts at 6.30. Martin expects that volunteer work should begin some time in August.


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