Cynthia Tupper (right) made a donation to the House of Lazarus (HOL) Food Bank on Feb. 6. The food items were collected during her 12th birthday party in lieu of gifts. Cynthia is pictured with HOL client services coordinator Kim Merkley. Submitted photo

submitted by the House of Lazarus

To give is better than to receive. Cynthia Tupper, a Winchester resident, celebrated her 12th birthday on January 27. The invitation to her party read: ‘Please no presents. Instead, Cynthia is collecting food for the House of Lazarus.’ The donation of over 100 food items – totalling 122 pounds, and $70 in cash and gift cards was delivered to the House of Lazarus (HOL) on February 6.

When asked why she gave up birthday gifts to collect food items for the HOL, Cynthia replied simply: “Because it’s a nice thing to do.” Four of Cynthia’s friends attended the birthday party, held at a bowling alley.

“This is the first time Cynthia has personally donated to the food bank,” noted Heather Tupper, Cynthia’s mother. “Cynthia met Kim Merkley, HOL client services coordinator, through the Dundas Youth Centre youth group. She has visited the House of Lazarus in the past and helped out in the community gardens. She learned about how many cans each family gets when they visit the food bank and I think that was a big eye-opener for her.”

“Cynthia is an amazing kid for doing this,” said Kim. “Her support means a lot to us and I can’t thank her enough.”

The HOL Food Bank currently serves over 100 local families each month. Approximately 40% of food bank clients are children and 10% are seniors. For more information about the HOL, visit or call 613-989-3830. You can also check out the HOL on Facebook.


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