Good news about grader


The municipality received good news about their grader at the council meeting of May 14. Manager of Public Works, Dave Powers, told council that the Volvo grader, which had previously caused much discussion across the council table, was under warranty after all. Dave found out about this by researching the lineage of the grader, which had been purchased used in April 2016, and contacting the original dealership that sold it originally in 2013.

“I worked with the dealer, as well as Volvo North America, to locate the extended warranty and to have the warranty transferred to the Ottawa Volvo dealership,” Dave says.

The grader changed hands four times before it was sold to Merrickville-Wolford in 2016. Dave says it is because of this that the original sales documents, outlining the warranty information, were misplaced and not passed on by the various owners. “It was assumed by all parties involved that the standard three year power train warranty had expired,” Dave says.

Because of Dave’s hard work, the grader’s engine will be replaced under full warranty, saving the municipality over $50,000.


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