On September 12, Ator Property representative, Brenda Cowchier, and Pear Tree Manager, Mike Bonito, held their yearly fire drill at 331 Pinehill Drive in Kemptville. They invited North Grenville Fire Prevention Officer, Shannon Armitage, and her coop student Zach Adams from the North Grenville Fire Service, to participate. Once the drill was over, Shannon took the time to quiz the residents on what to do when a fire alarm goes off in the building.

She also stated that people should not worry about calling the Fire Service, even when they are not sure about whether there is a real emergency or not. It is better to call than risk a real fire. Shannon also mentioned that it is a good policy to keep escape ladders under beds.

“I have a 3-bedroom, 2-storey home, and each bedroom on the top floor has an escape ladder under the bed, and my kids know how to use it. We teach kids to get out, and stay out, and to have two ways out of every room. Most fire deaths happen between 11pm and 7am, and if the bedroom door is blocked by fire or smoke, it’s important to teach kids to save themselves by going out the window, rather that running into an unsafe situation. It’s also peace of mind for kids to know that Mommy and Daddy have a way to get out safely too.

“If anyone is interested in more escape ladder information, or home escape planning in general, they can contact me anytime.”

Shannon Armitage, Fire Prevention Officer, Phone: 613-258-9569 ext.205. www.northgrenville.ca.


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